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    China Gloves Sewing Machine,Gloves Sewing Machine Manufacturer
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    Gloves Sewing Machine

    • Product Name:  Gloves Sewing Machine
    • Model NO.:  FX-PK201
    • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
    • Packing:  Cartons
    • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
    • Product Details:  Gloves Sewing Machine

    FOXSEW Glove Sewing Machine.

    Working Video 1: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/glove-sewing-machine-foxsew-226.html

    Working Video 2: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/foxsew-leather-stitching-finger-glove-sewing-machine-591.html

    Working Video 3: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/small-post-bed-glove-sewing-machine-596.html

    Working Video 4: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/glove-sewing-machine-pk201-82.html

    Working Video 5: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/foxsew-glove-sewing-machine-224.html

    Working Video 6: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/leather-glove-sewing-machine-pk201-593.html

    Working Video 7: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/glove-sewing-machine-foxsew-pk201-225.html

    Working Video 8: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/post-bed-leather-glove-sewing-machine-595.html

    FOXSEW FX-PK201 Glove Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing leather gloves, knitting gloves, safety gloves, luxury cape gloves, this machine can stitch leather on the palm and very samll narrow fingers. with single straight needle sewing needle bar, choose cancel the line, looper thread work principle. Forming 401 double chainstitch, and it can be adjusted according to different stitch length and tightness. Apply to sew leather glove, handbags, etc, with leather sewing process. It is mainly used for the stitching of leather onto a knitted glove. Double thread chain stitch is made of needle bar thread take-up and looper thread take-off. Most parts are made of high quality alloy steel making the parts durable with reliable quality The machine is one of the most perfect equipments for making high-quality gloves.


    Model No.


    Number of Thread


    Stitching Type

    Overlying Leather Gloves

    Stitch Length

    1-3.8 mm

    Sewing Thickness

    4 mm

    Sewing Speed

    2000 r.p.m

    Stitch Type

    401 Double Chain stitch

    Post Bed Diameter

    9 mm

    Needle Type

    1571 Type 70-90

    Packing Size

    420X220X420 mm


    15/16 KGS