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    China Extra Large Size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine,Extra Large Size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine Manufactu...
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    Extra Large Size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine

    • Product Name:  Extra Large Size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine
    • Model NO.:  FX10090/12090
    • Origin:  Zhejiang,China
    • Packing:  Wooden Case
    • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
    • Product Details:  Extra Large Size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine

    FOXSEW Pattern Sewing Machine for Applications: Car seats, Aero Seats, Boots, Shoes, Shoes Uppers, Footwear, Handbags, Furniture, Car upholstery, Saddles, Luggage, Suitcase, Backpacks, Leather Jackets, Leisure wears, Sportswear, Down clothes, Warm clothes, Jeans, Sofa, and attaching label, widely used for many different industries.

    Used for: Apparel, Automotive and Aircraft, Leather Goods and Shoes, Military Uniforms, Safety Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Medical, Embroidery and Decorative Stitching, Home Furnishings. Pocket attaching, Attaching Labels, Badges, Applique work, Velcro and Decorative stitch, Any operation which requires frequent stopping and changing the angle of stitching.Suitable for Garments, Leather Bags, shoe upper, car seat covers etc...

    Electronically controls the stitching of any specific stitching pattern, easy to programme the specific sewing pattern, equipped with a walking presser foot and pattern input device.

    Advantages of pattern sewing machine: No skill required, Saves time and labor’s cost, Uniform stitching of a particular part in all pieces, Cost effective, Increases productivity.

    Working Video 1: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/extra-large-programmable-template-sewing-machine-with-2000x900mm-sewing-area-698.html

    Working Video 2: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/large-cnc-programmable-pattern-sewing-machine-for-seat-cushion-699.html

    Working Video 3: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/programmable-pattern-sewing-machine-for-leather-upholstery-700.html

    Working Video 4: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/programmable-pattern-sewing-machine-for-seats-heavy-duty-materials-156.html

    Working Video 5: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/large-sewing-area-programmable-pattern-sewing-machine-123.html

    Working Video 6: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/programmable-pattern-sewing-machine-for-leather-and-fabric-upholstery-122.html

    Working Video 7: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/programmable-electronic-pattern-sewing-machine-57.html

    Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine compared with traditional sewing machine:

    1. To enhance corporate image.

    2. To improve the production environment and reduce the intensity of work.

    3. To improve the traditional production management.

    Programmable Pattern Machine makes production more stable, accurate production data. Production and order arrangements with accuracy, reduce labor usage, sewing quality and stability, reduce the quality management friction.

    4. To improve production efficiency.

    Sewing handbags, trademarks, a pattern machine`s efficiency is equal to the traditional day of production sewing machine operator 7 staff efficiency.

    5. To reduce costs.

    Pattern machine as full computerized system control, stable quality, scrap rate is zero.

    6. To improve products quality

    Improvement of product quality, greatly improve product quality and competitiveness, thereby increasing corporate profits and brand reputation.




    Stitch Type

    Single needle lockstitch

    Sewing Area

    1000mm X 900 mm / 1200mm X 900mm

    Max. Sewing Speed

    2500 r.p.m

    Feeding System

    Intermittent or continuous

    Stitch Length

    0.1-12.7 mm


    DPX17 #9-#26


    Large Size Shuttle Hook

    Max. Patterns


    Max. Stitches

    50000 needle/1 pattern

    Presser foot lift

    20-32 mm

    Presser foot drive


    Pattern Data Storage Media

    Computer and USB Driver

    Spindle motor

    750W Servo Motor

    Presser foot stroke

    4-10 mm

    Operation Panel

    7 inch LED touch screen