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    China Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine,Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine Manufacturer
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    Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine

    • Product Name:  Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine
    • Model NO.:  FX-B5
    • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
    • Packing:  Wooden Case
    • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
    • Product Details:  Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine

    FOXSEW Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine

    Working Video-1: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/heavy-duty-mattress-flanging-machine-1237.html

    Working Video-2: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/heavy-duty-flanging-machine-with-air-floating-table-1236.html

    Working Video-3: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/heavy-duty-mattress-flanging-machine-1554.html

    Working Video-4: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/mattress-heavy-duty-flanging-machine-1575.html

    FX-B5 Heavy Duty Mattress Flanging Machine is mainly used for flanging mattress panel and over-thick fabric. It can also sew that non-woven fabric together with the panel.

    Technical characteristics:

    1, Japan PEGASUS high speed straight needle sewing head

    2, Straight needle design,

    3, With auto oiling system ensuring sufficient lubrication; with cartridge oil filter, easy for replacement & cleaning.

    4, Push-button type stitch length regulator, no need for changing the cam

    5, Micro adjustment of differential feeding ratio

    6, With thread & needle cooling system, thread & needle can be lubricated and cooled by C10 oil, avoiding the thread & needle breakage as well as thread leaping.

    7, Adopt double-needle-five-thread synchronous structure and strong cloth-feeding system ensuring feeding precision and perfect seam,

    8, The sewing speed is controlled with imported needle position motor and control box.

    9, Equipped with pneumatic auto presser foot, equipped with special encoder to position needles,

    10, Low noise, small vibration, stable performance


    Model No.


    Flanging Thickness

    35-80 mm

    Flanging Width

    30 mm

    Max. Rotate Speed

    5000 r.p.m

    Stitch length

    2-5 mm

    Needle Model

    RM-6 22-23#

    Needle Gauge

    2.0, 3.0, 5.0 mm

    Air Presure

    0.5-0.8 Mpa

    Sewing Head Type


    Upper Feed Belt Available


    Needle Bar Type


    Pneumatic Cut Flanging


    Power Supply

    380V/220V,50/60HZ, Single-Phase

    Total Power


    Machine Weight

    180 KGS