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    China Computerized Electronic Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine,Computerized Electronic Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine M...
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    Computerized Electronic Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine

    • Product Name:  Computerized Electronic Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine
    • Model NO.:  FX9820
    • Origin:  Zhejiang,China
    • Packing:  Wooden Case
    • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
    • Product Details:  Computerized Electronic Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine

    FOXSEW Computerized Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine, Electronic Keyhole Button Hole Sewing Machine

    This machine is widely used in Jeans, Men's Suits, Sports Wear, Uniforms, Safety Wear, Men's Jackets, Work Wear, Overcoats, Ladies Outerwear, Sportswear, etc...

    Working Video 1: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/computerized-eyelet-buttonholer-machine-343.html

    Working Video 2: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/computer-eyelet-button-hole-sewing-machine-351.html

    Working Video 3: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/electronic-eyelet-buttonhole-sewing-machine-834.html

    Working Video 4: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/electronic-keyhole-button-hole-machine-390.html

    Working Video 5: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/electronic-eyelet-button-hole-machine-389.html

    Working Video 6: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/keyhole-button-hole-sewing-machine-461.html

    Working Video 7: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/automatic-eyelet-buttonholer-machine-465.html

    Working Video 8: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/automatic-keyhole-buttonholer-machine-470.html

    Working Video 9: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/automatic-eyelet-buttonhole-machine-477.html

    Working Video 10: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/eyelet-button-hole-machine-516.html

    Working Video 11: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/computerized-eyelet-button-hole-sewing-machine-29.html

    Working Video 12: www.gotpainthouston.com/company-video/eyelet-buttonhole-sewing-machine-517.html

    Computer Controlled Direct Drive Eyelet Button hole Sewing Machine, achieves perfect buttonhole : Since 2000, our company has been committed to continuous innovation 9820 is applicable for thick material, thin material, leather, jeans, knitted fabric etc, what's more, the wrought buttonholes can be divided into three categories: straight buttonhole, and daisy buttonhole, and the first two includes buttonholes with round bar tack, with straight bar tack, with taper bar tack and without bar tacking, Remarkably, 9820 absorbing the essences of other machines, can fully meet all the requirements of the production.
    All the factors-innovative cutter system, no cutter-changing required, automatic adjustment of cut length, programmed operation sequences, the default length of buttonholes and one-stage completion-contribute to the high efficiency and short process of 9820.